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Physically Active Seniors Can Live Independently

Exercise keeps the body and mind healthy. But here is another incentive for older Americans to work out; on average, active people not only live longer but they also tend to stay independent longer.

According to a recent study, which looked at 229 women with an average age of 74, women who were most physically active were likely to be living independently 14 years later. That means that they

Targeted And Proactive Disease Management

The antivirus software in my computer prevents it from getting invaded by software viruses that can delete files and make my machine useless. The software updates itself periodically and lets me know if my computer needs to be protected against new viruses.

Very effective!

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First Bipartisan Solution To Resolve Gridlock In Congress

We all know about the benefits of physical activity for the body, but a recent study at the University of Illinois found that exercise can be as beneficial for the mind.

Yep, according to this research, adults between the ages of 58 and 78 who added physical activity to their weekly routine, even as simple as a brisk walk, saw improvements in how their brains functioned.

How about that?

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Keeping New Years Resolutions

Keeping my New Years resolutions has always been difficult, but what if Congress had to do the things I set out to accomplish this year. Could they do better?

Had I given my list to them and I were checking on how things are going, this is what I think they would say:

Eat better – the start of this one should be delayed until after the Pro-bowl (mid February). Really, We would be destined for

Unimaginable Scenarios Can And Do Become True

Dealing with friends lately, I have noticed that many of us put more emphasis on where to go out to eat than on our own health care. Many people plan dinner outings or weekend trips much more carefully than how they will deal with the inevitable need for long term health care.

Unfortunately, leaving those plans for later in life puts us in undesirable situations that costs us too much. I know